Welcome to the SoftEng Cloud Platform

SoftEng Cloud is a Unifying Integrative Access Platform to well-known and widely used APIs and Integrated Software Environments for the Design, Engineering and Innovation with User Experience. SoftEng Cloud supports the development of a wide variety of interactive/digital media, 3D games, entertainment systems,  virtual world, and more importantly cross-platform and multi-devices applications including Web services, mobile applications, tangible and natural user interfaces. 

Originally developed by Prof. Seffah and his research team from Canada and Europe for the design, prototyping and usability testing of user interfaces, the platform has been  re-deployed to support the integration of a large variety of tools for software design, engineering and innovation into teaching platforms such as Moodle and Blackboard. The aims is to provide access from blackboard to all the tools needed and used in a course. Students are no longer requested to install and deploy software on their own computer. Software development tools and APIs are accessible as a service from anywhere, anytime and to anyone who or she is an authorized users.  Students can share a common cloud space with each others, with their teachers and stakeholders. SoftEng can be seen as a software engineering incubator for software open innovation and the development of software prototypes and proof of concepts and solutions illustrating business ideas.  With each tool included in the platform, students as well as professors have also access to very wide library of learning resources (tutorials, courses, MOOC, projects and applications). Once you selected a tool and make it accessible from your blackboard, all these learning materials will accessible from your course on  blackboard for all your students. 

SoftEng Cloud is being developed in partnership with industry leading companies and as part of an exclusive agreements. Certification programs from those companies are made available as a service via the platform and blackboard as Well. The platform includes tools for software configuration management (GitHub), prototyping (Axure, Balsamiq), APIs (Amazon Web services, Asure, WebOps, etc.).