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We are designing and engineering digital media, entertainment systems, 3D and video games, virtual world gamified software to supporting the UAE socio-cultural challenges with the engagement of the entire eco-system including academia, industry, governmental agencies, non-profits organizations and a wide network HCI(UX experts from around the globe. Visit us again and get engaged with us. 

Zayed University Interactive Media Lab (ZU-IML), is a newly established multidisciplinary research group, a teaching facility and an open incubator for industry-academia collaboration. We are investigating interactive media and their applications while adopting and grounding our research at the Intersection of Computer Science, Software Engineering, Human Computer Interaction (HCI), Human-Centric Software Design and Engineering and User Experience Design and Design Science Research (DS). In a broad definition, interactive media refers to both products, services and software systems, which respond to the user's actions by presenting content such as text, picture, moving image, animation, video, audio, and any combination of these media. It is related to the concepts: interaction design, new media, interactivity, human computer interaction, cyber culture, digital culture, interactive systems design. Whatever how it has been defined and perceived, interactive media systems and services are characterized by their user interface and the underlying user experience.

As a research group ZU-IML carries out research in areas where computer science, art and design, industrial, computer and software engineering, as well as psychology and design science overlap, on the improvement of user interfaces and user experiences for information and software-intensive interactive systems. The underlying idea of the interactive media living lab is that people's ideas, experiences, and knowledge, as well as their daily needs of support from interactive products, services, or applications, should be the starting point pf the overall design, engineering and innovation processes.

As a teaching facility, ZU-IML aims to be an open-access facility where students, professors and external stakeholders are welcome to share skills, discuss ideas and experiment with creative design methods and interactive technologies.

As a living and fab lab-based incubator, ZU-IML is an accessible and inclusive environment for creative engagement with interactive technologies, facilitating opportunities for skill development, a place for exchange and critical discussion, and a hub for connecting students and researchers with the interactive media industry. One of the practical goal of the Media Interaction Lab at Zayed University is that it integrates research with education, providing students with a project-based learning environment. Both undergraduate and graduate students from University and from ZU-IML network of partners carry out research and industry projects.